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          Hi,  my  name  is  Jamieson  Leeson.
          I am 16 years old and I have Spinal
          Muscular Atrophy.  I am currently in
          Year 11 at Dunedoo Central School.
          in June 2018,  i went to the Boccia
          Schools  knockout Competition in
          Orange.  This was the first time I had
          played boccia since i was very young.
          My school did not win any games, but
          at the end of the day Peter king, the
          Australian team selector, came over
          to me and said i had a lot of potential,   Jamieson at the ramp with her medal!    The Aussie team
          and that next time i was in Sydney i
          should  come  play  some  games  and   on coaching, and ever since then  i  regional championships, where i was
          meet the coach.                     have  been  making  the  five-hour  trip  able to play in the pairs, as well as
                                              to Sydney every second week from  the singles, where I won my first ever
          So, that July i went to Sydney and met   my home town of Dunedoo, to train,  international individual match.
          ken  halliday,  the Australian coach,   (whilst  still  finishing  Year  11  I  should
          and was taught the proper rules for   add!)                             i am currently on the long list for
          playing boccia.  ken said to me if i had                                the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, where
          the proper equipment to play i could   earlier this year, ken told me i would  i am hoping to play in the pairs for
          do really well.  it was at that point that   be going on two overseas trips  Australia.
          i realised i really enjoyed it!     playing in the pairs with my two    congratulations Jamieson on an
                                              teammates.  i went to hong kong in
          After that, every time i was in Sydney   May, where our team won bronze in   outstanding achievement.  We hope
          i would train with ken.  in December   the pairs, and i was lucky enough to   to see you at the Paralympics in
          last year, ken left his day job to focus   go to South korea to compete in the   2020! - MDNSW

                                                 POWERCHAIR FOOTBALL

                                                 2019 SEASON REVIEW

                                                 The 2019 powerchair football season has come to a close, with
                                                 Sydney FC romping home with another NSWPFA Premier League
                                                 title after a fantastic undefeated season.
                     Powerchair team players
         This season saw the addition of a fifth team to the first-  the Jets would claim second place, with the Mariners and
         grade competition. This is a huge development for      Wanderers close behind.
         the sport, and we want to congratulate the hills United   Underlining Sydney FC’s dominance was the attacking
         Football Club for coming on board.
                                                                form of their star players. Abdullah karim would take out
         This year also saw a formal second division competition   the golden guard, scoring 17 goals, while Jordan Crane
         established, with young and enthusiastic athletes all taking   assisted on 14 goals.  A big shoutout to the Mariners’ Jake
         part in an exciting three-team battle.  The Strikers, Rollers   Vidakovic (14 goals) and the Jets’ Chris Hastas (10 goals)
         and  Hills  all  featured  some  of  our  young  first  division   for reaching double figures for the season.
         players as well as some new athletes with potential.
                                                                The second division was won by the Strikers, a few wins
         Sydney FC started out the season in dominant fashion,   ahead of hills United and the Rollers.  Ryan Seck (also of
         and despite being tested by all three competitors in the   the Newcastle Jets) scored 12 goals for the Strikers, making
         Newcastle  Jets,  Central  Coast Mariners  and  Western   him the competition’s top goal scorer.  The development
         Sydney Wanderers, the Sky Blues reeled off  seven      of our second division athletes was impressive, and
         consecutive wins to start their campaign.  By season’s   we look forward to seeing the next batch of superstars
         end, they had finished with 14 victories, 2 draws and no   continuing to grow.
         losses: an impressive performance and well deserved.
                                                                congratulations to everyone for another amazing season.
         it was a much closer contest in the middle of the table, with   Bring on 2020!
         the Jets, Mariners and Wanderers trading wins, draws and   Chris Suffield, fellow powerchair football player
         losses around. Eventually, on the final day of the season,
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