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                Peer Connect                                           Peer Connect

                   SMA            Meet Up                              Adults with MD

                   MDNSW is hosting a peer group event for people with   Community Gathering
                       Spinal Muscular Atrophy and their families
                                                                                Get together for adults with MD,
                                                                                their partners, carers and friends
                    Sun 17 November 2019  |  12pm - 3pm
                                                                           Save the Dates!         Final 2 for 2019!
                                                 Our group is
                                                 called SMArties                                   • 29 Nov
                                                 and we first met                                  • 14 Dec
                                                 in 2016.
                                                 This time we will                                 2020 dates will be listed
                                                 meet for a social                                 in the next edition.  Thank
                                                 catch up - get                                    you to everyone who
                                                 together with
                    other SMA folks and share a meal, some leisurely drinks and a                  came along to a meeting
                    chat.  Meet new SMArties, network and share handy information                  this year.
                    with each other.  New families are very welcome.  We hope you                  Have a safe and happy
                    can join us!
                                                                                                   break everyone!
                    Lloyds Casual Dining    |  Dooleys Club                                        Contact Ganesh for more info:
                    11-17 Church St, Lidcombe                            Dooleys Catholic Club
                                                                                                   or call 0429 014 722
                    Located opposite Lidcombe accessible train station, with
                    parking on-site                                      17 Church St
                                      Please RSVP Carolyn by Monday 11 November   LIDCOMBE  11am - 2pm
                                      with number of kids and adults attending to:
                              RSVP or call 0408 472 510

                Peer Connect                                            Save the Date!

                Siblings                                               Sydney
                  Save the Date!                                             Mums’ Retreat

                 For kids who have a brother or sister with a neuromuscular condition.  A Retreat exclusively for mums
                    You must be at least 6 years of age and no older than 16 years of age.
                                                                            with a child with a neuromuscular condition
                               ACTIVITIES INCLUDE
                         High Ropes or games on the Oval                       Jemby Rinjah Lodge, Blackheath
                                Giant Slip n Slide
                            Fish n Chips on the Beach
                           Swim at Collaroy Beach Pool


                   Tuesday 21 January 2020                                F ri 20-Sun 22 March 2020

                                                                                      Contact Jenny for more info:
                               Contact Mitch for more info:
             or call 02 9888 5711 ext. 3 or call 02 9888 5711 ext. 3

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