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BUildiNG StrENGtH rEaCHiNG PotENtial


                                    WelCoMe To The FiNAl eDiTioN oF TAlkiNg PoiNT FoR 2019.

                                    It has been an incredible year   Disability Royal Commission
                                    for MDNSW and, as usual, it has   MDNSW would like to express its full support of the Royal
                                    absolutely flown by!             Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and exploitation
                                    The end of an era                of People with Disability.   Through the Disability Royal
                                    Sadly, in December we will       Commission we hope to see greater community awareness
                                                                     of the experiences of people with a disability and their
                                    farewell  our  Office  Manager,   families, including  awareness  of the impact  of  abuse,
                                    Maralyn.  For 10 years Maralyn   neglect and exploitation.
              has supported MDNSW and its staff in more ways than
              we can count.  She has been a wonderful asset to the   MDNSW members are our highest priority, and we are here
              organisation, and will be sorely missed by everyone in the   to support you and your family should you choose to make
              community (though she’s promised to stay in touch – and   a submission to the Royal Commission.  Please contact our
              don’t worry, we’ll hold her to that!).                 Client Services team if you need support to do this.

              As we farewell Maralyn, we warmly welcome three new    THANK YOU!
              part-time members  of our Marketing & Development      Finally, i’d like to acknowledge the team and volunteers
              team: Alicia, our new Marketing & Development Manager,   here at MDNSW for all your hard work over the last 12
              and Jess and Tash in Development Coordinator roles.    months. Your passion and dedication to ‘empowering,
              They will be supporting us to engage with as many of our   Connecting and Supporting’ the MD community does not
              community members as possible and continue to raise the   go unnoticed, and we really couldn’t do it without you.
              much needed funds to support the programs we offer.
                                                                     Have a terrific holiday season. We look forward to seeing
              From next year, our current Development Coordinator,   you in a shiny new 2020!
              lou, will be moving into a position with a focus purely on
              growing  our  annual  fundraiser,  Sugar  Free  September,
              which has proven to be a wonderful success in 2019, raising   CHARLOTTE SANGSTER
              over $100,000.  Thank you to all the wonderful fundraisers
              who participated this year.  As lou would say, you are all   general Manager, Muscular Dystrophy NSW


              cont. YOU DID IT - $100,000!
              A big thank you also goes to the wonderful
              gabby Campbell, our resident Nutritionist/
              Naturopath, from The Tolerant Table. gabby
              provided delicious recipes and informative
              articles on the impact of sugar on gut
              health, as well as answered our sugar related
              questions in the Sugar Free September
              Facebook community group. You can join the
              group by going to www.sugarfreeseptember.
      and connect with likeminded
              people, get support and also receive updates
              throughout the year.

              Thanks also to our partners who provided prizes for our top fundraisers, including Urban Spa for their heavenly
              pamper prize packs and gutsy Ferments, for their delicious seasonal packs.

              Although Sugar Free September has wrapped up for this year, you can register your interest for the 2020 challenge
              by going to and you will be the first to know when registrations open.
              if you’d like to host your own fundraising event please call 02 9888 5711 or email, we’d
              love to hear all about your ideas and plans!

               Thanks again to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing you go #SugarFreeForMD next year

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